Jamie Lewis

Personal branding
& life coach

NLP | CBT | Life Coaching | Certified*

I want to make personal coaching the norm
and accessible to everyone!

“I feel out of control of my own life!”

Together we can take it back.

A Leap of faith

Write Your Own Story

Take a chance on yourself, you are the only one stopping you…
Become more:
• Successful
• Fulfilled
• Happy

Become the Hero
Of Your story

Tell The

SOmeThing Missing?

Life Coaching

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Lack excitement?
  • Feeling behind in life?

These feelings are becoming alarmingly common in people and most suffer in silence, please don’t let that be you.

Truth is, there’s nothing wrong with you but your environment!

SHowing the World

Personal Branding

  • Brand story
  • Perception strategy
  • Become an industry influencer

Are you a CEO or founder wanting to add your individual personality and flair to the business or are you starting your personally branded business from the ground up?

I can’t wait to help you with anything from starting a website to starting a YouTube channel.

My Approach

My New Book

Currently, I have a new book in the works. The proposal is basically ready to send off to publishers. I like to think this is something very new in the personal development space and can’t wait to release.

My book is about the theory of fulfilment with an adapted framework on how to build your life around the idea. It’s how I do my coaching and hope it helps others as much as it has helped me.

“Fulfilment is the exchange of value through passionate experience.”

Feel free to have a read of some of my ideas from my blog in the mean time!

Cultivate a

Create Your

My personal secret to success in life and business…

My Philosophy

Personal Storytelling

I believe in the power of stories in both life and business.
– The desire to become better
– Overcoming the conflict
– Becoming the hero

I have studied story in order to unlock the secrets of an exciting and fulfilling life. 

Put yourself in the driver seat, it’s time 

to write your OWN story.



Put yourself first for a change,

it’s time to build a life

YOU want to live.

What Next

Let’s Have a Chat

  • Not really into Zoom or Skype
  • Much prefer a walk or a coffee
  • Give me a shout & let’s get started

Email:  jamie.r.a.lewis@gmail.com

Or find me on my social channels!

The New Lottery Question

The lottery question is a very popular thought exercise to find our perfect life but here’s a new and improved one to get you thinking.

My First Blog!

This is my first blog, it’s about how I justify starting a blog. I address the key fears holding me back and what I learn.